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We offer a large range of second hand capital surface mount equipment for the electronics assembly industry. Machinery include miscellaneous production machines, from automatic and semi-automatic screen printers, paste dispensers, convection reflow ovens, selective and wave soldering machines. 
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All used or pre-owned SMT equipment sold, unless otherwise noted, are refurbished or reconditioned, cleaned, and ready for production. Most machines are sold with a minimum 30-day parts only warranty.



SEHO 8140PCS Wave Soldering

  • Foam Fluxer
  • Solder Frame conveyor system  
  • bottom IR heat system
  • 1 x DELTA nozzle,
  • Fully functional machine for lead free soldering

  • Available from middle of May 2022

CyberOptics QX500-L AOI

Fast, on-the-fly inspection with SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) 
Edge for inspecting ‘Anything’ with SAM (Statistical Appearance Modeling) Technology 
Lowest False Call Rate 
Simple, fast programming with AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) Technology 

Europlacer Access 4 Pick and Place machine

Component type: 
Dimensions: From 0.5mm x 1mm (0402) to 50mm x 50mm
Max height : 14.5 mm 
Minimum pitch of the legs: 0.4 mm
PCB size: 50x50mm to 410x500mm 
PCB Thickness: 0.5mm to 4.5mm
Length 2.2m, width 1.5m, height 1.84m

Delivered with feeders (ask for more details)

CyberOptics SE500-II Solder Paste Inspection

SE500-II™ delivers best performance at an affordable price. Equipped with a sensor that is exclusively designed and built by CyberOptics, SE500-II™ comes with an assurance of no machine-to-machine variation. Plus, there is no drift, no parts to wear and absolutely no recalibration needed. The unique ‘all-in-one’ scan sequence enables up to 30% cycle time improvement by merging fiducials, barcodes and raster scans into a single scanning sequence.

The award-winning new SPI V5 software offers revolutionary features that enable incredibly smarter and faster inspection. At the same time, the software is extremely stable and simple to use enabling shortest learning curve.

Europlacer XPii

With the following options included:
• 1x Feeder Trolley w/30 8mm elements
• 1x Feeder Trolley without elements
• 2x classic Trolley
• 17x double 8mm feeder (new style)
• Hand Terminal scanner
• Vacuum pump
(many other options are on the machine)
• Full set of nozzles
• Machine will be tested before shipment

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