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Slimline and Mediumline Label feeders

Automatic labelling by label feeder is a cost-effective and simple solution, also for integration in special machines.

Our feeders are available with corresponding adaptations for a wide range of pick-and-place machines, such as ASM, Fuji, Juki, etc.

The Slimline Label Feeder has a width of only 30mm and therefore takes up much less space in the pick-and-place machine or special machine than all other currently available label feeders. It can feed labels up to a liner width of 15mm. For wider liners up to 30mm, our Mediumline Label Feeder is available. With a width of only 46mm, it is also particularly space-saving.


We offer you the complete solution – label feeder and labels – from one source. With our label feeders not only labels can be fed, but also die cut parts and functional parts.

LFS & LFM label feeder

–  Only 30 mm or 46mm wide

–  Integrated waste box for the empty liner

–  For labels and parts down to 3mm x 3mm

–  Teach-In function for quick and easy adjustment of the desired pick position

–  Counter for the number of transported labels

– Programmable error indicator: The user adjusts the number of steps the feeder motor takes after seeing the last label before showing an error warning. This way it can easily be monitored when the labels run out

– Selectable trigger, alternatively by internal optical sensor, manually or by the pick and place system

– Transport speed freely selectable

pbtec automatic label feeders

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