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KIWO Clean

Unbeatable efficiency for SMD processes

As a worldwide leading manufacturer of chemical products, KIWO offers efficient solutions for different business fields. One of its core areas of expertise is solvent and water-based cleaning agents – the KIWOCLEAN® EL series. 

worker friendly formulation

· low-ordour

· highly-efficient
· easy handling
· available in a spray bottle with a foam nozzle

Water Based

Efficient manual cleaner for:


· reflow ovens
· wave soldering units
· condensation solder systems
· selective solder systems
· solder frames / carriers

KIWO Clean
KIWO Clean


KIWOCLEAN EL 9180 MC is a special, very powerful, low-odor cleaning medium for the manual cleaning of reflow ovens, vapor phases, solder waves, selective soldering systems. KIWOCLEAN EL 9180 MC is biodegradable and free of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons.


This newly developed and widely used product effectively removes colophony, fluxing agents and degassing residue from printed circuit boards without attacking surfaces.


Spray the cleaners onto the surface and let them react for a short while, then remove with a cleaning tissue. 

KIWO Clean

KIWO CleanWipes EL 7660

Small dispenser—big effect

Need to save time using cleaning wipes? KIWO CleanWipes EL are the answer!

Wear-resistant and lint-free, these wipes are impregnated with the optimum cleaning fluid for all kinds of application.


Cleans misprints, stencils, squeegees, tools and machine parts from SMD adhesives, solder pastes, solder resists etc. Good dissolving power, slow drying.

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