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SEHO develops and manufactures soldering systems and automation technology that are trend setting

SEHO develops and manufactures soldering machines for the electronics industry that are trend setting worldwide. Our solutions stand for performance, flexibility, efficiency and for technical progress. Numerous pioneering innovations in the field of soldering originated at SEHO.  
With our modern and innovative soldering machines, and the high quality standard of our products, we are a strong and reliable partner for our customers worldwide.  
Our activities concentrate on wave soldering and selective soldering systems. From entry level GoWave up to the state of the art full tunnel nitrogen wave soldering system PowerWave N2.  
With the SelectLine SEHO developed a selective soldering system featuring a revolutionary design and which convinces with highest precision and solder joint quality as well as a high degree of flexibility: no change-over is required to dynamically process a variety of assemblies with short cycle times. 

For every process the most suitable technique. Selective soldering systems from SEHO convince with innovative details and perfect soldering results.

Whether wave soldering in ambient atmosphere or with SEHO’s leading nitrogen technology: We have the most suitable solution for you.

You have a particular challenge, we have creative ideas and innovative solutions. SEHO Streamline makes your production economically flow.

SEHO Selective Soldering
SEHO Wave Soldering

Selective Soldering Systems

Seho StartSelective

SEHO StartSelective: Connect, Power On and Produce!

  • high precision stand-alone selective soldering system for assemblies up to 508 x 508 mm (20″ x 20″)
  • minimum floor space requirements: operation from front side, all set-up and maintenance from right side
  • precise micro drop jet fluxer with automatic function control
  • innovative bottom-side pulsar preheaters, activated in groups of each two
  • temperature-controlled top-side IR preheaters
  • maximum flexibility due to electromagnetic soldering unit and quickly exchangeable miniwave solder nozzles
  • 7° soldering angle = ideal peel-off an perfect soldering results
  • no follow-up costs: maintenance-free solder nozzles with nearly unlimited lifetime
  • 100 % automated process control
  • maximum machine availability: programming is 100 % offline at any PC workplace so that the machine is always available for production
SEHO SelectLine

SEHO SelectLine: With a PLUS in Flexibility

  • highest flexibility: creative axis fluxer and Twin-Select soldering unit  
  • modular expandable any time, also the C-model  
  • outstanding soldering quality: electro-magnetic soldering module  
  • highest throughput rates: patented Synchro concept  
  • maximum machine availability  
  • patented ultrasonic cleaning for solder nozzles (picture right)  
  • 100 % process reliability: process control from A like AOI to Z like Z height  
  • dynamic precision: exact positioning of the work stations with highly precise axis systems  
  • efficient programming: offline teach program with live view control  
  • fast change-over and maintenance: extremely good accessibility of the soldering area  
  • ready for Industry 4.0: machine communication software mcServer
SEHO PowerSelective

SEHO PowerSelective: For the Flexible Production with High Volumes

  • modular system which ideally fits into each production concept: inline, stand-alone and flexible lean production concepts  
  • the machine can be upgraded any time to minimize cycle times or to increase the production volume  
  • high precision portal axis system which provides maximum flexibility  
  • three processes – one machine: for multiwave soldering processes, miniwave soldering and conventional wave soldering processes  
  • multiple soldering units may be integrated into one machine.  
  • wetted or non-wetted solder nozzles can be used  
  • the rotating and tilting function of the gripper allows ideal peel-off to reduce solder bridges  
  • solder waves with touchless wave height control and nitrogen inertion, for best possible soldering results and highest reliability  
  • maximum machine availability due to quick change nozzles, and product change-over or maintenance “on-the-fly”  
  • user-friendly operating interface and easy-to-handle teaching function, online or offline  
  • 100 % automatic process control with integrated AOI system SEHO PowerVision, flux quantity monitoring and many more

Wave Soldering Systems


SEHO GoWave: Compact – but with the Technology of Large Systems

  • flexible and powerful with minimum footprint
  • soldering width up to 340 mm
  • flexible and robust conveyor system for processing of soldering frames
  • efficient control unit
  • easy and convenient operation with touch screen and USB interface
  • precise CAN bus motors
  • innovative fluxer area with HVLP technology (high volume – low pressure)
  • powerful preheat with programmable stop
  • up-to-date solder nozzle geometries
  • 100 % lead-free capable
SEHO PowerWave

SEHO PowerWave: The Powerful Systems for Medium to Large Production Volumes

  • outstanding and compact machine design, technically equipped like the large systems
  • flexible configuration, tailored to suit your production requirements
  • ATS spray fluxer for a cost-saving and precise flux deposition
  • variable and powerful preheat area with convection, infrared and quartz
  • individually configurable soldering area – ideally suited for lead-free applications
  • new and up-to-date single or dual solder nozzle technology for SMT and THT assemblies
  • local nitrogen inertion of the solder waves
  • up-to-date control unit with PC for easy and quick programming
  • with flexible solder frame conveyor, or finger conveyor for direct processing of PCBs or solder masks
  • two basic versions available:
    PowerWave 3.0 with four preheat zones and 1200 mm preheat length [47.2″] PowerWave 4.0 with six preheat zones and 1800 mm preheat length [70.8″]
SEHO PowerWave N2

SEHO PowerWave N2: Designed to Reduce Your Production Costs

  • energy-efficient nitrogen tunnel
  • reduced-consumption, innovative fluxer concept with flux quantity monitoring system
  • flexible preheat configuration (1800 mm) with convection modules, infrared modules and quartz modules
  • high-end soldering area ensures perfect and reliable solder connections
  • automatic height adjustment of the solder nozzles
  • pass-through optimization with separated conveyor segments and automated sectorial soldering processes
  • efficient rest oxygen measurement
  • up-to-date control unit
  • continuous monitoring of all machine data and process parameters
SEHO MaxiWave

SEHO MWS 2300: Flexible and Future-Oriented – Wave Soldering to its Perfection

  • low operation costs due to minimum nitrogen consumption and energy-efficient tunnel concept
  • efficient rest oxygen measurement with quick reaction to changing process conditions
  • fluxer with HVLP technology (high volume – low pressure) for remarkable reduction of flux consumption
  • individually configurable preheat area from 1800 mm [70.8″] length to 3300 mm [129.9″]
  • maximum efficiency with the new and innovative pulsar preheat modules
  • an effective convection preheat guarantees homogeneous and component-sensitive heating of assemblies
  • soldering area with innovative nozzle concepts – designed for highest quality
  • the programmable sectorial soldering process provides a large process window and maximum flexibility
  • absolutely unique: an integrated and temperature-controlled cooling module cools the assemblies thus helping to improve the metallurgical structure of the solder joints
  • a process gas cleaning unit minimizes maintenance and ensures high machine availability
  • modern control unit that guarantees highest productivity and allows easy operation
  • integrated functions for automated process control, such as automatic exhaust control, flux consumption monitoring, solder level control and many more

Handling Solutions SEHO StreamLine

SEHO StreamLine

Complete solutions that ideally match and with communication interfaces that work perfectly

The product line SEHO Streamline offers a comprehensive range of solutions for handling of assemblies and management of material in automated production lines.
We assist you with creative ideas during planning and construction, we manufacture, assemble and install your handling solution that perfectly suits your production requirements.


Our focus: To improve your work flow thus reducing your manufacturing cost.
Your employees are in the center of our attention. We consider ergonomical, individually in height adjustable work places and the automatic adaption of connected stations as a matter of course.

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