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X-ray reel counting and inspection

With its own technology, Techvalley has developed major core components and products from small and medium-sized inspection systems to high-energy X-ray systems. Techvalley has been providing various kinds of industrial X-ray inspection/analysis systems for all the industries including metal, electric/electronic, semiconductor, automobile component, secondary battery and container, etc.

Reel counting

There are many kinds and variety in a reel chips. Conventional mechanical manual counters have the disadvantage of being time-consuming and less accurate. Techvalley has developed the world’s first automatic reel chip counting equipment using X-ray in 2013, and now produces and delivers 4th generation models as of 2017. It can count reels of various sizes, and boasts counting speed of 13 seconds for 180mm.


Today’s the SMT market has become increasingly compact and highly integrated with advanced package components such as BGA, QFP, System-on-Chip (SoC) and Package-on-Package (PoP). This can be attributed to the rapid expansion of smartphones and tablet PCs, centering on global companies, and competition. Techvalley’s AXI system is the optimal in-line AXI system that overcomes the inspection limitations of traditional optical inspection (AOI) equipment.

Techvalley Reel Counting
Techvalley XRay Inspection
TechValley Inspection Equipment

Hawkeye 1000

The HAWKEYE1000 only needs one button to count various components automatically in a few seconds. The HAWKEYE1000 can also count up to four reels (180 mm) simultaneously. Various chips and components are counted, with the results sent directly to the SMD material management server (ERP system). Also during this process, a new barcode label is printed for the purpose of updating off-line records. Techvalley has been improving their X-ray Chip Counter series since 2013, to the current fifth generation Chip Counter. We are evolving the ‘Automated X-ray Chip Counter’ to ensure advanced, automatic counting for a wider range of components, faster and efficiently with more flexibility.


  • Counting up to 4 reels(180mm) simultaneously
  • Dramatically reduces labor costs and kitting times
  • Connect integration ERP/MES system
  • Automated, accurate and fast counting (180mm~380mm)
  • User-oriented UI configuration & Touch monitor
TechValley Inspection Equipment


  • 2D & 2.5D Manual Equipment for various defect inspection
  • Analyze with minimal magnification damage with the 50° Detector Tilt function
  • Equipped with Fine pitch X-ray Detector to realization High magnification compared to third-party equivalent equipment
  • Self-manufactured inspection algorithm enables user-desired automatic inspection
  • Manual Mode, Macro Mode, Auto-Inspection Mode of support

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