HG laser Marking

Quick and efficient laser marking

With years of industrial application for PCB processing, HGLASER specializes in integrating laser marking and cutting tech into the PCB production lines. 

PCB Laser marking

PCB laser marking machines are your right choice for circuit board marking, competent to do automatic loading, unloading, positioning, marking and workstation shifting.

The equipment is mainly used in precision cutting and marking for flexible circuit boards, rigid circuit boards, rigid-flexible circuit boards .

HG laser Marking
HG laser Marking

LCD/LCB Series

PCB Laser Marking Machine from HGLASER is designed for bar codes marking, 2D codes and characters, graphics and other information on any kinds of printed circuit board. Integrated with high-performance CO2 / Fiber laser source, import high-pixel CCD camera and micron-level mobile module, PCB Laser Marking Series is competent to pre-marking automatic positioning and post-marking feedback reporting.


● High-performance CO2 / Fiber laser has high-quality laser beam, small focusing spots and well-distributed power. 
● The high-pixel CCD camera makes automatic positioning, identification and feedback reporting come true.
● Gantry structure and synchronous transmission guideways ensure the stable and precision performance.
● The function of automatic focusing and track width adjusting are designed to match up different production line.

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