USC Clean rolls

high performance underscreen cleaning


product highlights

High performance USC mediums
Developed specifically for automated under screen cleaning Enhanced cleaning raises yield and throughput
High teer resistance raises MTBF and reduces operator intervention Standerd widths for most automated screen printer available 

Compatible with all major printer manufacturers


KVMS XTRA clean roll is a high-performance USC roll that offers excellent cleaning performance at a cost-effective price. lt has been developed to optimise the cleaning performance of the automated under-screen cleaning systems for Yamaha screen printers, and most of the MPM, EKRA, Fuji, Panasonic, Sanyo, and SMTech/Quad screen printers. 

Underscreen Cleaning Rolls
Underscreen Cleaning Rolls

Stencil Clean Roll 56 gr/m2

The stencil clean roll is made of hydraulic interlaced fibers with no chemical bonding. It compromises mainly of a fine blend of cellulose and polyester resulting in product that is strong, tough, abrasion resistant, highly absorbent low lint material.
This blend of material represents state of the art technology in high absorbent non-woven structures.
This paper is available for DEK, MPM ,EKRA, Samsung, Sony, Yamaha, Panasonic/KEM, MINAMI printers. Customized rolls are welcome.

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