INMATEC IMT PN ONTOUCH: For highly pure to ultrapure nitrogen directly on site


The IMT PN OnTouch series offers all of the advantages of a fully integrated nitrogen generating system. The continual measurement and monitoring of all operating values offers the highest possible protection for the whole production process. All measured values are logged and displayed on the INMATEC touch control panel and are also available for further processing via the remote control operation.


The IMT PN OnTouch series can be monitored and operated from any computer workstation in the world through the latest networking technology.


The industry standard 4.0 is a real innovation for your security.


The advantages and effectiveness of the IMT PN OnTouch nitrogen generators guarantee savings from the first minute.


Your advantages:


  • Nitrogen at any time and at any place
  • Economical through low operating costs
  • Sophisticated and reliable technology
  • Exact purity for every application
  • No long-term rental commitments
  • Hardly any CO2 pollution for the environment

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